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30/12/11: Winter 2011 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Winter 2011 newsletter is now available here.

30/12/11: New Website

We are currently revampring our website. The new site should be live early in the New Year so watch this space!

23/03/10: Vidya Joins Forces with Zindagi!

Some of you will remember that Vidya used to run joint fundraising activities with Zindagi, a student-led organisation supporting educational projects in India. Over the years, Zindagi has done fantastic work in establishing and supporting a primary school in Uttaranchal (a province in the Indian Himalayas). But Zindagi was never registered as an independent U.K. charity. So, to help continue and expand Zindagi's work, we are delighted to announce that Vidya has joined up with Zindagi and adopted their existing projects. And former Zindagi President, Anjli Shah, will soon be joining Vidya's Board of Trustees.

As well as offering an exciting new opportunity to expand Vidya's work, this merger will widen Vidya's support base and give us greater scope for organising more fundraising events in the near future. To help with this, we are establishing a small fundraising committee - if you might be interested in joining this, please e-mail Ramesh Kapadia.

Until we merge the websites, more information on Zindagi and its projects is available here.

18/05/09: Spring 2009 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Spring 2009 newsletter is now available here.

25/01/09: Aseema Annual Report 2007-2008

Aseema's annual report for 2007-2008 is now available here.

20/11/07: Autumn 2007 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Autumn 2007 newsletter is now available here.

12/11/06: Autumn 2006 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Autumn 2006 newsletter is now available here.

19/10/05: Autumn 2005 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Autumn 2005 newsletter is now available here.

09/10/04: Autumn 2004 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Autumn 2004 newsletter is now available here. It includes updates on work at both Aseema and NAWA.

01/10/04: Animated DVD/VCD: "Raju and I"

Aseema has produced a marvellous animated film on children's rights to education (based on the UNICEF Declaration). It tells the story of Raju (a generic name for many street children in India) and how for too many Rajus there is no access to the basic human right of education. The film lasts about 30 minutes and is available directly from Vidya as a VCD to show via computer. The story is told mainly in English and there are subtitles for the few sequences in Hindi. Though people of all ages are likely to find it of interest, it is particularly suitable for children aged 8-13. Provided you have a UK address, copies are free - if you would like one sent to you, please contact us.

One of Her Majesty's Inspectors (now retired) saw the film as the first VCD he had ever watched on computer. He said that it was moving and inspiring.

21/02/04: Bhangra Night in Oxford

The Vidya Trust organised a charity bhangra night in Oxford in conjunction with Zindagi, HUM (Oxford Hindu Society) and the Oxford Sikh Society. Nearly 200 people attended, enjoying music from a DJ and a professional dhol player, along with Indian snacks generously provided by a number of local Indian restaurants. A total of £173 was raised for Vidya.

15/11/03: Diwali Event in Oxford

The Vidya Trust organised a Diwali event in Oxford in conjunction with Zindagi and the Oxford South Asia Forum. Almost 100 people enjoyed a full Indian meal followed by live Indian classical music performances. A total of £245 was raised for Vidya.

24/07/03: Summer 2003 Newsletter Online

Vidya's Summer 2003 newsletter is now available here. It includes updates on work at both Aseema and NAWA.

12/12/02: Launch of the Vidya Trust at Portcullis House

The Vidya Trust was officially launched at a meeting sponsored by Edward Davey, MP, at Portcullis House (the New Parliamentary Building opposite the Houses of Parliament) on Thursday 12 December. The launch was attended by about 30 people, including a number of serving, past and retired HM Inspectors of Schools, prominent Indians and other friends of the Trust.

In splendid surroundings usually reserved for politicians, Edward Davey provided us with a warm welcome. We then heard about the aims of the Vidya Trust and the work of both NAWA (particularly relating to the foundation of the Victoria Armstrong Memorial School) and Aseema from the Trustees. Finally, first hand accounts were given by Beryl Pratley and Susan Bullough, both of whom visited the projects in 2002. There were also photographs on display to explain the history of NAWA, and to show children from Aseema and from the Victoria Armstrong Memorial School at work and at play.

Fundraising beforehand and at the launch itself raised £2,610, with further promises of £2,296 annually. We think you will agree that this is an excellent start for the Trust, and one on which we can build in future years. We would like to thank all of those that attended and also everyone who has made donations.
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